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Epigenetics refers to the examination of biological mechanisms related to heritable (proportional) changes in phenotype (appearance) or the genetic expression of a cell that is unrelated to the normal or anomalous sequencing of DNA. Once a relatively obscure field of scientific investigation, epigenetics is fast approaching the forefront of cancer research as more and more geneticists seek new clues about cellular mechanisms and behaviors that DNA-based studies have failed to provide.

While the field of epigenetics has existed for decades, it had remained a little known and even less pursued area of cancer research until the 1990s, at which time excitement over the Human Genome Project (HGP) had reached a fever pitch. From 1989 to 2003, medical researchers had labored tirelessly to create a detailed genetic map of the approximately 20,000 separate and distinct genes that serve as the blueprint for the human body. It was hoped that once each individual gene had been isolated, clearly identified, and studied, the mystery of uncontrolled cancer cell growth would be revealed.

During the height of cancer research optimism related to the HGP, biological mechanisms unrelated to genetic coding had been considered to be of little or secondary importance to the study of neoplastic disease. Scientists were convinced that the HGP would provide them with an abundance of genetic clues that would lead them straight to the heart of a cure for all types of cancer. When it was discovered that healthy cells and cancer cells alike, from the standpoint of DNA sequencing, were substantially undifferentiated, researchers began to look outside the genetic code in an attempt to understand why cells with identical DNA sequencing could take such dramatically different routes of development—normal cellular mitosis (division), versus uncontrolled cancer cell replication. If the answer wasn’t in the DNA, where else could researchers turn to unlock the stubborn and unyielding mysteries of cancer?

Looking at Cancer in a New Way

While the HGP still provides us with an invaluable blueprint of the human body, the epigenome can be compared to a building contractor who oversees a grand plan to ensure that a building is properly constructed. Scientists are now taking a closer look at how a genome is tagged and assembled within a cell’s nucleus. As a result of such investigations, scientists seek to discover the epigenetic cues a cell is given in order to maintain normal biological behaviors throughout its lifetime.

Epigenetics can be compared to a light switch because it has the ability to turn cells on and off, which is why a lung cell will look and behave differently than cells from a kidney or a spleen. Epigenetics holds the promise of providing cancer researchers with valuable new clues as to how and why healthy cells lose their ability to regulate growth, and initial skepticism about such research has been replaced with widespread optimism and significant increases in funding. It was recently announced that the federal government’s National Institutes of Health will provide epigenetics researchers with $190 million in funding over the next five years—in the near future, similar appropriations from other cancer research funding programs are expected to follow.

Epigenetic Changes in Cell Biology

Cancer and other health researchers have now identified two ways in which epigenetic changes occur—the first is known as methylation, which refers to a biological process that includes the binding of methyl groups (chemical clusters) to a cell. These methyl groups will usually instruct encoded proteins to limit their own production. Methylation is a natural biological mechanism, but, if too few or too many methyl groups bind to a cell (for example), tumor suppressor genes can become damaged or inactive. Cancer researchers believe that the growth of all malignant tumors will eventually be shown to have been associated with epigenetically deactivated tumor suppressor genes.

The second way epigenetics alters cellular behaviors has to do with the way genes are bundled together. In order to insert long lengths of genetic material into the microscopic nucleus of a cell, proteins known as histones facilitate the compaction of genetic codes into tightly wound chromosomal structures that are not wholly unlike a ball of twine. Problems can arise because of the way this metaphorical twine is coiled around a cell.

Genetic codes that are most needed by a cellular structure will be wrapped more loosely, thus allowing easier access to the information stored there. If this twine is wrapped too tightly, a cell may not be able to decipher the critical cell function information it needs to achieve non-neoplastic mitosis. Conversely, if these genetic encoded strands are wrapped too loosely, a cell may extract harmful information that would have otherwise been unavailable—malignant neoplasm being the result.         

Armed with knowledge about epigenetics, cancer researchers have been able to develop new cancer-fighting drugs such as Dacogen (decitabine)  Vidaza (azacitidine), and Zolinza (vorinostat), all of which are demethylating agents that have proven to be effective treatments for a variety of cancers. As researchers learn more about epigenitics, new antineoplastic analogues will undoubtedly be developed to attack what may be cancer’s weakest link.

Source article link: http://www.curetoday.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/article.show/id/2/article_id/949


The very real challenge of psychotherapy is to achieve an accurate diagnosis and provide effective treatments for a wide variety of mental disorders; all without the use of the physician’s scalpel or prescription pad. A therapist must rely, instead, on years of training in a broad spectrum of advanced therapeutic tools designed to investigate the most complex living organism in the known universe – the human brain.

All of us have experienced the side-effects of life that include the occasional and inexplicable blue mood or sudden feelings of anxiety. When rare and short-lived, such feelings should cause no concern because they are merely an inescapable component of the human condition. On the other end of the mental health spectrum, however, an individual can fall victim to chronic depression so severe the value of life itself is questioned.

Ongoing, physical examinations of the brain continually increase the medical researcher’s knowledge of an extraordinary organism that rules virtually every aspect of our physical and emotional existence. Parallel research in the field of psychology has similarly enhanced the therapist’s understanding of the countless factors that can affect our moods and behaviors. What is not new or novel, however, is psychology’s earliest and primary goal: to provide  compassionate and highly effective therapies that promote a tranquil, productive, and well-balanced mind.

If Your Goal is a Path to Optimal Mental Health, Choose an Exceptional Therapist in Los Angeles to be Your Guide

The human mind, at its best, exists in an extraordinarily delicate balance that can easily be disturbed. A general, though persistent sense of emotional unease is oftentimes caused by little more than an accumulation of life’s everyday stresses. Other individuals are troubled by an overall inability to understand and adapt to a world that now spins far too fast for many of us. If any form of mental dysfunction is, in any way, diminishing the quality of your life, there is a path to wellness offered by a leading, well-respected, and exceptional therapist in Beverly Hills – Dr. Jane Doe.

If your goal is optimal mental health and peace of mind, you should know that Dr. Doe offers an exceptional psychotherapeutic practice that has been of great benefit to individuals, as well as traditional and nontraditional couples and families. “Dr. Jane” has extensive training and experience that allows her to consistently help others through the use of well-proven psychotherapeutic techniques that include:

Treatment for Depression – Whether mild and intermittent or persistent and severe, depression can be one of the most debilitating disorders of the mind. Discovering the underlying cause of depression is an essential first step towards a cure, and psychotherapy has long been recognized as a highly effective approach to the problem.

Treatment for Anxiety All of us have experienced an inexplicable, mild to profound feeling of unease. This is generally not a cause for concern, but, when persistent anxious moods become acute and interfere with life’s daily responsibilities and rewards, psychotherapy has been clinically proven to provide significant relief.

Treatment for Eating Disorders From starving the body because of the unrelenting societal cues that command us to lose weight to the reverse disorder of overeating, both behaviors can pose a serious threat to an individual’s good physical health. Once again, a comprehensive understanding of what drives these unnatural and potentially life threatening behaviors is an essential component to eating disorder cessation.

Relationship and Dating Skills Coaching Today’s interpersonal relationship and dating environment is fast moving into the 21st century. An explosive expansion of electronic social media (for example) is bringing people together at light speed and in ways once never imagined – social/sexual failings and lost opportunities ensue. Now discover a psychotherapist in Beverly Hills who can show you how to achieve superior interpersonal relationship and dating skills that are relevant to today’s constantly evolving social environment.  

Overcoming Shyness From a severe fear of public speaking that causes certain individuals to physically collapse into unconsciousness (faint) to a more moderate unease when in the company of others, shyness can manifest itself in many ways. Overcoming shyness is a process that utilizes a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques that combine to provide a marked improvement in an overly shy person’s daily relationship with the outside world.

Enjoy the Quality of Life You Deserve – a Caring and Dedicated Psychologist in Los Angeles is Ready to Help

Don’t let any disorder of the mind or “social skills” issues diminish the many joys each and every life has to offer. Don’t suffer in silence when an understanding and leading psychotherapist can help you with problems that include: issues related to self-esteem; debilitating fears and phobias; a wide variety of sexual disorders and behaviors such as sexual compulsivity; anger management; interpersonal or family relationship conflicts, life coaching or whatever else is on your mind.

From adolescents to seniors from all walks of life, Dr. Doe has dedicated her professional and personal life to helping others achieve and maintain a productive and vital sense of well-being. Your good mental health is priceless, and you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make today the day you decide to contact Dr. Doe to begin a journey that leads to an infinitely brighter and better tomorrow.

UNION COUNTY, NJ Life just became a lot more convenient for some consumers in the Northeastern region of the Garden State, with Union County being the geographical focal point. Who are these fortunate New Jersey shoppers? Anyone who appreciates leading manufacturer flooring that’s truly affordable, but, more importantly, any consumer who wants to enjoy the undeniable convenience of shopping at home for their new flooring in Union County, NJ and beyond.

AT HOME Carpet and Flooring is proud to announce the Grand Opening of a company that expertly utilizes the innovative concept of mobile showrooms. These amazingly well-organized vehicles allow an AT HOME representative to arrive at your residence, and then bring the flooring samples you would most like to see right into your home. The brainchild of two local businessmen who share a combined 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, AT HOME offers a  uniquely convenient shopping experience for anyone who is in the market for new flooring in Union County, NJ and beyond.

Beyond? Yes, when asked about the geographical area AT HOME serves, one of the owners wanted to stress the fact that, “Anyone who lives in the surrounding region outside Union County should definitely contact us to see if one of our mobile showrooms will come to their outlying city or town, and odds are, it will”.

If you love the concept of an extensive flooring selection that comes to you, you can call the company at 1-888-8-AT-HOME (888-828-4663) or, if you’d like to review their website and contact them online, go to: www.athomefloors.com. If you visit their easy to navigate site, you’ll learn that the company offers the sale and installation of four (4) types of popular flooring: solid hardwood flooring in a wide variety of species and finishes, including a selection of exotic hardwoods; wood laminate flooring that offers the look of solid hardwood at a fraction of the cost; just about every type of carpeting under the sun, and a vast selection of vinyl flooring.

AT HOME’s owners wanted to emphasize the fact that they sell only “premium quality” flooring in Union County, NJ – products from nationally known and trusted names such as Bruce, Pergo, Mohawk, Armstrong, and Congoleum (just to name a few). The company also offers an uncompromising commitment to exceptional customer service and 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction on all of its new flooring installations. AT HOME’s owners said if they’ve learned anything in their combined quarter century of experience in the flooring business it is: “Give the customer a superior product at a great price, a truly ‘second to none’ flooring installation, unsurpassed customer service during and ‘long after’ the sale, and any company’s success will naturally follow”.  

The new flooring startup seems to have adopted a sound business model, and AT HOME’s owners say they intend to build their reputation “one satisfied customer at a time”. They say this means that every customer, whether their budget is large or small, is their most important customer. One business owner summed it up by stating the partners intend to grow AT HOME the old fashioned way: “Through plain hard work and making sure every customer will be more than happy to recommend us to others”.

AT HOME’s owners say they understand that consumers have many choices when it comes to purchasing new flooring in Union County, NJ, which is why they’re offering premiere quality products, value-packed pricing, shop at home convenience, and “consistently” outstanding customer service. As one of the owners stated, “Anyone can sell you new flooring, but not everyone can match our name brand product prices, and more importantly, we always insist on craftsman quality flooring installations. If a valued customer isn’t happy, we can guarantee them we’ll make it right”.

People are talking – busy consumers with hectic schedules are excited about the fact that they can choose their AT HOME flooring from the ultra-convenient comfort of their own home. And yes, the company offers a wide variety of very attractive finance plans for qualified buyers. AT HOME’s owners cordially invite you to get in touch – they can’t wait to meet you!

An Ecologically Greener Company: NEOgas Brings a Blue Flame Solution to You 

Originally founded in 2001 as a Houston, Texas area energy services company, NEOgas, Inc. is now a global operations leader in advancing the off-pipeline distribution of compressed natural gas (CNG). Outside of large urban areas or other densely populated communities, natural gas pipeline infrastructures typically do not exist. In America and around the globe, this lack of a primary delivery system creates an ever-growing need for better ways to increase the worldwide distribution of this ‘cleaner and greener’ fuel.

At NEOgas, we believe every business challenge must be met with an innovative, optimized, and real-world solution. We know that “actions speak louder than words”, and we’re proud of our many significant contributions to the worldwide natural gas industry; cutting edge and critically needed solutions that include: 

Advanced Technologies  NEOgas remains committed to the ongoing pursuit of developing and leveraging novel technologies related to the compression of natural gas, a process required for the on-road transport of one of the world’s most efficient fuels 

Proprietary Equipment Our company provides the natural gas industry with state of the art designed and manufactured equipment for the compression, transport, and dispensing of CNG 

Equipment Packaging and Project Operations On a contract service basis, NEOgas packages and delivers equipment and machineries to a CNG project site, and if needed, our company personnel can then assume responsibility for all project operations 

Comprehensive CNG Services NEOgas is a leader in the actual bulk purchase, compressing, off-pipeline distribution, and dispensing of CNG 

Global Solutions In addition to our core U.S. operations, NEOgas supports the natural gas industry through its satellite operations in Russia, Thailand, and Brazil, and we intend to aggressively pursue a corporate strategy of continual global expansion 

Let’s Clear the Air: Our Blue Flame Is Coming Soon to a Motor Vehicle Near You 

Compressed natural gas is a highly desirable fuel that, today, powers combustion engine vehicles that are primarily used in limited applications such as corporate or municipally owned fleets. There are thousands of American airport shuttle buses and rental car company taxis (for example) that must comply with clean air standards that can easily be met when fleet vehicles are powered by CNG. Of all the fossil fuels, natural gas is by far the cleanest burning and typically costs less than gasoline or diesel fuel. Improved air quality and greater economy combine to designate CNG as the obvious clean energy resource for many corporate or government-owned fleets. 

CNG Fueling Stations for On-Site Dispensing 

Due to the very limited availability of public sale outlets for CNG, on-site fueling stations are required for nearly all fleet operations.  On-site dispensing is the only practical and cost-effective solution for fleet energy needs because, worldwide, vehicle manufacturers and fueling infrastructures have yet to take full advantage of this low carbon emisssions fuel. The many fleet owners who have converted to natural gas-powered vehicles will typically rely on an on-site refueling station that may incorporate compression/dispensing technologies, proprietary equipment, technical advisements or other forms of on-site support provided by our company. 

Natural Gas Offers America Its Energy Independence Day 

In addition to all else that CNG has to offer, this highly abundant energy resource can also provide America with a superior fuel that is produced almost exclusively within the United States. With the exception of small amounts of CNG imported from Canada, the remainder of our nation’s natural gas supply is obtained from drilled wells and open mines located in the Gulf of Mexico area states and various Rocky Mountain regions. Truly ‘Made in America’, natural gas can effectively buffer the U.S. from the countless uncertainties and perils associated with the importation of crude oil from the Middle East.  

CNG Delivers Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions Today 

While corporate and government-owned fleets utilize the majority of CNG-powered vehicles in current use, the global popularity of natural gas-fueled cars, trucks, and buses can only rise. In nations around the world, clean air requirements are certain to become more restrictive, and the ever-increasing cost of crude oil-based fuels has begun to make their use prohibitive for fleet owners and individuals alike. Real-world and timely solutions are needed, which is why CNG is fast becoming an integral part of a worldwide effort to find new and better ways to manage the planet’s invaluable energy resources. At NEOgas, we believe domestically abundant, clean burning, and affordable natural gas is the obvious choice for anyone who seeks tomorrow’s energy solutions today. 

We Believe CNG Is the Right Fuel Choice for You 

From motor vehicles to cooking to home heating or cooling to industrial or utility company use to countless other applications, CNG is a clearly better fuel choice. If you would like to learn more about all the many ways our company has enhanced the overall efficiencies and economies of the off-pipeline distribution of CNG, contact NEOgas, a leading, Texas-based energy company you should get to know. If a reduced carbon footprint and lower energy costs are on your personal or corporate agenda, let one of our always helpful energy experts fully explain why natural gas is the obvious fuel choice for all of us who want to breathe a lot easier.

Pre-Engineered, Steel Frame Construction: What More Could You Ask For?

Architects, contractors, and our many delighted clients agree: when it comes to an ever-widening variety of structures, pre-engineered, steel frame construction is an outstanding choice. Rigid Building Systems, Ltd. (RBS) is a nationwide, Houston, Texas-based leader in the advanced design and unsurpassed quality construction of steel frame buildings. We offer a clearly superior brand of construction that consistently provides exceptional structural integrity, timely project completion, significant economies, and much more.

To clients across the country, RBS offers an expansive array of design/build options for projects ranging from horse barns to schools to churches to aviation hangars to multilevel shopping malls that feature award winning design. Yes, today’s steel frame buildings offer superior aesthetics, as well as the very latest engineering and construction technologies that combine to offer:

Design Flexibility The only design restriction is your architect’s boundless imagination

Precision Manufactured Components Individual steel framing components must meet exacting specifications – a precision fit means fast and efficient on-site assembly

Storm Resistant Structural Integrity We construct buildings that are expertly designed to withstand the many tests of time, one of which is the extreme weather (high wind loading) that occurs frequently in our region

Tomorrow’s Engineering Today – RBS is fully committed to staying abreast of cutting edge advances in engineering that will contribute to the buildings of tomorrow – engineering achievements we will integrate into our construction projects of today

Superior Scalability For projects vast or modest, RBS has an ideal design/build solution for you

Cost-Competitive Construction Pre-engineering promotes on-site building efficiencies that save everyone time and money – discover the many significant economies of steel frame construction

Pre-Engineering Provides Design Challenge Solutions

We want you to know about the nearly limitless structural possibilities that can be affordably realized when you choose pre-engineered, steel frame construction. Unsupported by vertical columns, roof and/or floor clear spans that were recently unthinkable are now routinely achieved through innovatively leveraged building technologies and state of the art engineering.

In the 21st century, steel framed buildings come in all shapes and sizes, many offering breathtaking exterior and interior architectural achievements once reserved for other, far more costly forms of construction. This exciting, dynamic, and greatly expanded universe of design is evident in beautiful buildings that are all around us, a number of which are proudly featured in our online portfolio.

Pre-Engineering Offers it All

Whatever your building needs might be, if you can dream it, we can make that dream come true with an affordable design/build project that meets the most demanding construction requirements. In short, when it comes to pre-engineered, steel frame construction, we’re the only company you need to know.

Make today the day you decide to contact us to learn all about a clearly better type of construction from a company that insists on excellence in everything we do. Pre-engineered, steel frame construction: What more could you ask for?

DataVox, Inc. is the largest, privately owned telecommunications and information technology (IT) firm in Houston. The company’s industry-leading success is due, in part, to its unparalleled commitment to cutting edge innovation in the development of real-world business solutions. To that end, we sell, install, manage, and maintain state of the art, feature-rich telecom/IT systems that offer exceptional scalability to suit businesses large and small. And when it comes to product integrity, DataVox is proud to represent the very latest business phone and IT offerings from Avaya, Cisco, and Toshiba.

System Integration

Today, component-based communications and IT systems are the standard in nearly any office environment. These highly individualized component technologies require effective compatibility and integration solutions for an ever-expanding array of increasingly complex business applications. At DataVox, we understand the very real challenges of component integration, and we always meet or (far more typically) exceed our client’s highest expectations. How do we do it? Quite simply, our ‘best in the industry’ engineers and systems designers share a common goal: to leverage individual component technologies to create seamlessly unified systems that offer unsurpassed utility and ease of use.

Structured Cabling

DataVox offers the very latest in cabling infrastructures for voice, video, and data. All cabling installations are supervised by a product certified Project Manager who will ensure that all cabling products and installations adhere to the highest industry standards. Our Project Manager is also charged with the responsibility of facilitating installations that are consistently completed on budget and on time.

Computer Telephony Software Development

INterra Software is a division of DataVox, Inc., and the subsidiary has developed exceptional proprietary Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software solutions for an ever-growing variety of applications. INterra software products have become an essential part of DataVox’s custom designed business phone/IT achievements, and the INterra suite of superior CTI products include: 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is an advanced telecommunications tool designed to increase business productivity and accessibility. This innovative desktop application simplifies complex business phone operations while enhancing and extending switch functionality.

Operator Assistant

Operator Assistant software is designed to supplement those consoles that do not support ‘busy lamp fields’ for line-in-use notification to other system users.


INterra’s vConsole software effects a seamless integration of Virtual Assistant and Operator Assistant to provide maximum information for optimal call management. Faster access to caller information and telecommunications tools offer increased attendant efficiencies and office productivity.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder software offers a standalone client application that allows for PC/sound card supported call recording using any standard telephone equipped with a handset adapter.

Silent Message

Silent Message offers advanced second call notification features that allow for  caller identification information accompanied by caller specific rerouting advisements. 

Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer is a software application that integrates Caller ID information with your telephony enabled system while establishing a direct connection to your Personal Information Manager. This seamless integration is designed to enhance system user productivity (compatible databases include GoldMine and ACT.)

The preceding, feature-rich INterra offerings are the result of the innovative and collaborative efforts of industry-leading software engineers and designers, all of whom are guided by the INterra and DataVox standard that requires excellence in everything we do.

DataVox also wants you to know about:

IP Telephony

Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT) is the digitized transmission of voice data over the Internet, and the possibilities for enhanced telecommunications performance, efficiencies, and productivity make this technology attractive to businesses and individuals alike. DataVox consults with a core group of engineers who are on the Cisco IP telephony team, IPT specialists who can best determine if this dynamic and exciting technology is the optimal choice for your business.

When IPT is the obvious solution, DataVox offers the authorized sale, certified engineer installation, and long-term support of state of the art business phone/IT products from Avaya, Cisco, and Toshiba.

Data Networking

DataVox maintains a business concentration in the design and deployment of high-performance IP data communications networks for our customers. Our network engineers combine the use of hardware and software to create local area or wide area networks within performance, scalability, and reliability parameters that best suit the customer’s unique business requirements. The essential components of our data networks are:

  • Internet Backbone Design
  • Network Infrastructure Design
  • Data Center Architecture
  • Remote Access
  • Wireless LAN Design

Customer Care Center

DataVox is a family-owned company, and as such, we take a very personal interest in how our customers are treated. Since the company’s inception in 1988, we have maintained a firm belief that superior quality products, unsurpassed customer service, and ‘long after the sale’ customer satisfaction was the right and rock solid foundation on which to build our business.

Exceptional customer service and satisfaction is critically important to our continued success, and DataVox employs an entire team of Client Relations Specialists whose only responsibility is to ensure that every customer is considered to be our most important customer. On projects immense or modest, you will work with a product certified specialist who will be delighted to help you achieve the optimal telecom/IT solution for your business.

The Future is Here: Is Your Business Ready?

DataVox has the outstanding product offerings and exceptional human resources needed to ensure that your fast-paced company has the unsurpassed telecom/IT capabilities it demands. There will never be a better time than right now to decide to contact us to explore our dynamic and exciting business solutions designed for today, tomorrow, and far beyond.