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While those great big monster tire 4 wheeling ATV’s might offer an exciting and fun-filled experience for many people, those large and powerful machines can be risky toys to play with. Many people are seriously injured on these powerful, full-sized ATV’s every year, and you might not want to see grandpa or your five year old driving one at high speed through the woods.


A far smaller, much safer, and much less expensive 4 wheeling recreational vehicle is offered by SunL fun, and people of all ages can have the time of their life on one of these exciting and kid friendly machines. Easy to use controls and an extremely low center of gravity make the SunL fun experience a safe one for young and old alike. Just put on your helmet and go have yourself a ball.


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Want to learn how to play the banjo? How about the Marimba? Having trouble finding a music school or teacher to accommodate your individual musical interests? Are scheduling difficulties preventing you from fulfilling your dream of learning how to play the oboe? If you want to learn how to play an instrument, almost any instrument at all, the online services of the Amadeus Home Music School  can find the perfect music teacher for you, your children or any other aspiring musician you might know.


The Amadeus Home Music School can locate a music teacher who’s an expert teacher of nearly any instrument you can think of, and they will arrange for this teacher to come to your home when it’s most convenient for you. Who says there’s just no way to find someone who can give you tuba lessons on a Wednesday afternoon?

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If the finest in red hot chili peppers make your mouth water, then Hector Kabande  is the man whose flaming hot recipes are for you. Hector Kabande is a Mexican born hotel executive who sits on the board of Grupo Lucerna, a family business that owns the Mexican chain of upscale Lucerna hotels, but Mr. Kabande’s real passion is for cooking and food.


Mr. Kabande came to the United States as a young man to study the hotel business, but, at the same time, he developed an intense interest in the art of red hot Mexican cuisine. Mr. Kabande’s penchant for the hot and spicy has influenced the menu offerings of the many fine restaurants that are located within the Lucerna hotels, and Hector is now compiling an extensive collection of exciting recipes in a cookbook titled: “Kabande es Caliente”. When it comes to spicy, it can’t be too hot for Hector, and when he’s in the kitchen, be sure there are plenty of ice cold drinks to go around. 




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When you bring a cuddly and adorable puppy into your home, everybody better be prepared to fall in love. Who can help but take joy in the delightful antics of a puppy that will immediately become a cherished companion and much loved member of the family. Your puppy’s health and happiness will be of the utmost importance to you, and when you purchase your puppy from Happiness is Pets, your new pet will be off to a very good start.


Serving the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove for the past twelve years, Happiness is Pets ensures that their puppies come from top breeders while providing these lovable little critters with the best care possible until a pet is taken into a good home. All puppies come with a one year guarantee against congenital defects, and a free veterinarian visit is included within a 14 day period subsequent to purchase. Additional peace of mind comes with the fact that all puppies have been fitted with Avid ID microchips for positive identification, and if that isn’t enough, all puppies are offered absolutely free obedience lessons. 

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Approximately 50 miles north of Philadelphia, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Upper Bucks County, you’ll find history rich Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The town of approximately 9,000 citizens enjoys a peaceful existence, and in these small town environments, people like to say hello to each other when they pass on the sidewalk or meet in the grocery aisle. In small towns such as Quakertown, local businesses rise or fall on their word of mouth reputation, and when it comes to new or pre-owned vehicles, the Sands Brothers Chrysler  dealership has a reputation for providing car buyers with honest value and outstanding customer service both before and after the sale.


Whether you’re looking for a new or a pre-owned Chrysler vehicle, the Sands Brothers dealership has what you’re looking for, and for service on your current Chrysler automobile, the Quakertown dealer offers factory certified technicians and genuine Chrysler parts. 



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Health care in the United States has been a hot button topic of personal and political debate for many years now, and this election year showcases the subject once again. Everyone has their opinion, though, most people would agree that health care for the elderly is a primary concern. When the federal government passed the Medicare/Medicaid Act back in 1966, the United American Insurance Company (UAIC) decided to form a business concentration in insurance products that would serve to supplement the new federalized health care program.


In 2008, 42 years after its decision to specialize in senior health care plans, UAIC is now a leader in the insurance niche it pioneered. While once serving the insurance needs of Texans only, UAIC now operates in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. The company enjoys exceptional financial stability, having recently received a Standard and Poor’s ‘AA’ (very strong) rating, and the company maintains an admirable interest in helping underinsured and uninsured individuals meet their health care needs.

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