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There are always new ways of looking at things, and 20 years ago, Nachson Draiman examined elder care facilities in Illinois and then concluded that society could do a better job of taking care of its senior citizens. As a man who was trained in psychology and social work, Mr. Draiman was able to apply his areas of expertise to achieve a fresh perspective on what an elder care facility should offer to its residents. And now, 20 years later, Mr. Draiman has succeeded in taking over several elder care facilities that he has restructured and revitalized to fit his envisioned humanitarian and business model.


New ideas and approaches are always needed, no matter the endeavor or industry, and Mr. Draiman’s approach to geriatric facilities has met with success as evidenced by the accolades these facilities have received from state regulatory agencies and other interested parties. Mr. Draiman’s initial training in social work and psychology, when combined with his natural entrepreneurial instincts and skills, have resulted in an improved way of coping with the needs of our most senior and infirm citizens.


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Triple digit temperatures can linger for months in Arizona, and a swimming pool can greatly increase your quality of life. Many of the swimming pools of today are wonders of design and engineering, and Arizona’s largest swimming pool company,  Shasta Pools, recently brought several Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), design awards back home to the company’s base in Phoenix. A total of five awards for exceptional design were presented to a company that has taken the art of swimming pool construction to new heights.


Shasta Pools was founded in 1966 by Bob Ast, and Bob built a total of 26 pools his first year in business. Joined by his brother, Skip, in 1967, the two have managed to grow the business until, today, the company has built over 75,000 swimming pools in Arizona. The company offers a wide range of products and services, and just about anything you can think of that has anything to do with swimming pools can be provided by Shasta Pools.


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Linus Gitahi is a business executive who enjoyed a long and distinguished career with the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK); Mister Gitahi held several executive level marketing positions with GSK in a number of locations in Europe and East Africa. During his years as a marketing executive for the global drug manufacturer, Mister Gitahi accumulated a wealth of business experience that positioned him perfectly for his current executive position as CEO of Nation Media Group (NMG)—Kenya’s single largest media organization.


Mr. Gitahi’s leadership of NMG is an exciting challenge that comes with great responsibility; NMG is an East African media giant that owns a large number of newspapers, including Kenya’s largest newspaper, the Daily Nation. Chairman Gitahi can be applauded for his role in shaping NMG’s promotion of democracy in the region, as well as furthering the movement to create an independent Kenya. The Daily Nation, in combination with NMG’s other newspapers and electronic media outlets, has served to further the cause of political reforms in the region, and Mr. Gitahi’s stewardship of the media giant has served East Africa well.


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Joseph Odindo became interested in journalism at a very early age, and his decision to concentrate his studies on the subject has allowed him to enjoy a successful career that has culminated in his current position as Group Managing Editor for Nation Media Group (NMG), which is Kenya’s largest media company. From a small village in North West Ugenya, Mr. Odindo now presides over a number of newspapers, including Kenya’s largest newspaper, the Daily Nation.


Mr. Odindo’s current management position with NMG follows a long and interesting  journalism career as a reporter and TV critic, and his varied talents serve him well now that he’s charged with the responsibility of supervising a large number of his journalist colleagues. Mr. Odindo is involved with all editorial aspects of NMG’s Kenya operations, which include both print and electronic mediums, and his influence in the news organization is felt far and wide. The powerful voice of NMG has had a positive influence on the movement towards democracy and independence in Kenya, and Joseph Odindo is a significant part of that voice.



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Kenya’s largest media organization is Nation Media Group, and its editorial director is a veteran journalist named Wangethi Mwangi. Aside from his many journalistic credits, Mr. Mwangi has a strong outside interest in the many complexities of economics and media law. 


The Daily Nation is Kenya’s leading newspaper, and its parent company, Nation Media Group, has been in the vanguard of the movement to advance the cause of democracy in East Africa; Kenya’s struggle for independence has been advanced by the Daily Nation due to the outstanding efforts of its former editorial director, Wangethi Mwangi. Mr. Mwangi is a strong proponent of democratic rule, and his new management position at Nation Media Group—overseeing both print and electronic mediums—will ensure that Mister Mwangi will have an effective communication venue for his beliefs.


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A trip to the sun drenched sands of Hawaii is a dream we all have, and those who travel to Wallua, Hawaii should strongly consider a stay at the 200 room Consolidated Resorts Hotel. Directly adjacent to the Coconut Market Place, a vibrant collection of shopping and entertainment venues, the popular hotel is a favorite among those who appreciate value when visiting this island paradise. Fronted by a mile of white sand beach that offers an unhurried and un-crowded seashore experience, the hotel features fine accommodations at reasonable prices.


The hotel also offers nearby access to a host of recreational activities such as golf at the Wallua Golf Course, tennis at the municipal courts, horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, tour boat and helicopter rides and much more. The entire area is a tropical Garden of Eden, and your stay at the Consolidated Resorts Hotel will make your dream vacation a memorable one.



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