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Good times and popcorn just seem to go together. One of America’s favorite and more nutritious snacks, popcorn always seems to turn up whenever people are having fun. What’s a teenage sleepover party without a generous supply of hot buttered popcorn? I don’t know about you, but watching a movie without popcorn just isn’t right, and the folks at the Popcorn Factory feel the same way. The online retailer specializes in gourmet popcorn  treats for everyday enjoyment, as well as a wide variety of special offerings for occasions such as:


  • Birthdays
  • Thanksgiving
  • Yule Time
  • Hanukkah
  • Personalized gifts and more

The Popcorn Factory has offered popcorn gifts  of nearly every conceivable type since the company’s inception in 1979, and the Web seller enjoys a reputation for providing its customers with fresh popped popcorn and quality ingredients such as real butter,100% pure corn oil, and genuine cheddar cheese. As if that wasn’t enough, the company also offers a top secret recipe caramel corn. Quality products from a company that has been in business for nearly 30 years, a company that reliably ships their innovative gift products right to your door. Small wonder the Popcorn Factory has a devoted fan base that can’t get enough of the delicious corn snack that goes pop!   





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Whatever the occasion, from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Easter to just about every special date in between, America loves to commemorate the day with its favorite sweet treat—chocolate. Whether the kids are happily nibbling the ears off a chocolate bunny or dad’s skipping lunch in favor of a chocolate candy bar, no one can seem to get enough of the nearly intoxicating flavor and aroma of chocolate. Fannie May Fine Chocolates, a retailer of the heavenly confection since 1920, is now an online seller of a wide variety of gourmet quality chocolate products including:


  • Chocolate favorites in a variety of sampler assortments
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Truffles
  • Chocolate cakes
  • Chocolate towers
  • No sugar added products
  • Chocolate towers, novelties and more


Fannie May stays in tune with the seasons. The company provides specialty packaged and designed selections appropriate for various occasion such as Halloween, Easter, Yule Time offerings, etc., and they provide reliable shipping of their chocolate candies direct to your door. Any company that has been in business for close to nine decades must be doing something right, and Fannie May Fine Chocolates enjoys a loyal and chocolate loving customer base that should keep them in business for many decades more.



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When it gets hot in Arizona, it gets very hot. Triple digit temperatures can be the norm for weeks or even months on end, and a beautifully designed pool from Shasta Pools  can be just what the doctor ordered to keep your body temperature below the boiling point. More than just an ordinary swimming pool, Shasta Pools offers award winning designs that lead the industry in the innovative use of materials and technology to produce a result of unparalleled beauty and superb functionality. Shasta Pools is Arizona’s largest swimming pool company, and since its inception in 1967, the firm has built over 75,000 swimming pools to help Arizonans beat the heat.


Shasta pools is the only name you need to remember when it comes to all things related to swimming pools; whether you need a new pool, a modification of an existing pool, supplies or maintenance, Shasta Pools has what you need. Don’t let another scorching summer pass you by before you let Arizona’s premier swimming pool company come to your rescue. When it gets hot, Shasta Pools  offers the ultimate in cool.

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Today’s budget conscious vacation travelers appreciate genuine value when they find it, and a luxurious stay at the Consolidated Resorts  Hotel in Wallua, Hawaii offers the very finest in accommodations at a price that will surprise you. The paradise islands of Hawaii provide visitors with breathtaking beauty wherever they travel, and the miles of pristine beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. The Consolidated Resorts  Hotel in Wallua is fronted by a mile of white sand beach that offers an unspoiled and un-crowded location where your cares may be washed away by the warm turquoise seas that stretch to the horizon.


The beautifully appointed rooms and suites at our hotel offer the vacation traveler the finest of everything—state of the art hospitality amenities are everywhere you turn, and all accommodations have been designed for the utmost in comfort and convenience for the fortunate guests who choose the Consolidated Resorts  Hotel for their Hawaiian vacation destination.


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Tim Arel  truly is a man for all seasons, particularly now that he serves as Director of Property Management for North Point Property Management, a large firm that has offices in Nashua, New Hampshire and Andover, Massachusetts. In New England, property management tasks will vary greatly with each of the four seasons, and Mister Arel is a man who is fully accustomed to adapting to change. Having studied economics at St. Anselm college, Tim Arel  received an excellent academic foundation in complex and sophisticated systems, an intellectual undertaking that prepared him for the academic rigors of his subsequent law studies at Franklin Pierce Law Center.


After practicing law for some time, Tim Arel decided that his broad knowledge of economics and the law could be utilized in the additional endeavors of investing in real estate and various other forms of money management, and he expanded his knowledge greatly in these areas. Tim Arel soon entered the field of investment property management, an area he excels in, and today he enjoys his top leadership post with North Point Property Management.

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Andy Barkate   has enjoyed a decades long career in the financial investment and planning industry, and he is now President of California Retirement Plans, LLC, a prestigious firm that has offices in Bakersfield, Lancaster, and Ridgewood, California. Mister Barkate holds the dual professional certifications of “Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist”, as well as “Certified College Planning Specialist”.


In addition to his leadership role at California Retirement Plans, LLC, Andy Barkate  also offers his vast knowledge of personal and retirement investment plans through various workshops that he provides to America’s top corporations, organizations, and government entities such as NASA, Pacific Bell, the Department of the Navy, Lockheed, Boeing, Shell Oil and others. Additionally, Mister Barkate, through California Retirement Plans, LLC, works closely with insurance companies such as Transamerica, ING, John Hancock, and Met Life.


Andy Barkate, a top executive and sports coaching father of three, believes strongly in giving something back to the community, and he is actively involved in a wide variety of civic activities and charitable causes. Mister Barkate has contributed generously to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital, and he counts his efforts there as some of his proudest achievements.

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Once a high ranking marketing executive with the pharmaceutical giant GlacoSmithKline (GSK), Linus Gitahi  now applies his considerable and multi-faceted executive abilities to the position of  CEO of Nation Media Group (NMG), Kenya’s single largest media organization. Mister Gitahi traveled extensively in his sales leadership role at GSK,  his presence having been required in locations throughout Europe and Africa, and this experience served to broaden Mister Gitahi’s knowledge and appreciation of international affairs. Linus Gitahi’s extensive travels and involvement with commerce on a multi-national level serves him well in his current CEO posting at NMG.


Linus Gitahi  enjoys his role as a manager of a journalistic enterprise, and he realizes that with his executive power comes a great responsibility to provide a fair and accurate reporting of news events that affect so many of his fellow Africans. Chairman Gitahi takes this responsibility very seriously, and his substantial dedication to promoting an independent and democratic Kenya is evidenced in the journalistic efforts of The Daily Nation, an NMG property and Kenya’s largest newspaper. The Daily Nation has taken an active leadership role in furthering Kenya’s struggle for an improved government and way of life, and Linus Gitahi  takes great pride in these journalistic achievements.

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