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In 1989, starting with an initial capital investment of $160,000, Frank Hanna and his brother, David G. Hanna, opened the investment firm of Hanna Capital, LLC. The financial firm believes strongly in the concept that investments should be chosen through the careful examination of hard financial data, as opposed to relying on popular or subjective opinion. Frank Hanna also believes that investments should provide a superior level of liquidity while exposing investors to minimal risk. As a result of the preceding strategies, Hanna Capital, today, oversees a collective portfolio that exceeds $4 billion.


As a successful manager of investments, Frank Hanna has had the privilege of giving back to the community in ways large and small. Well-known for his philanthropic activities, Mr. Hanna has given generously to a wide variety of civic, educational, medical, religious, and other organizations. As with investing, Frank Hanna believes in donating his money wisely and in ways that achieve the maximum good.





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In 1966, the federal government passed the Medicare/Medicaid Act, and shortly thereafter, the United American Insurance Company (AIC) recognized a clear need for insurance products that would supplement the government’s new health care program. At its inception, AIC was a smaller-sized, Texas-based insurer, though, today, the company is an industry leader in supplemental health insurance product sales.


Health care is a subject much discussed these days, and the issue of long-term elder health care grows in importance as the nation ages. Clearly, supplemental Medicare/Medicare insurance products are required now more than ever. As a result of this critical need, the United American Insurance Company now operates out of 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. The company has enjoyed a steady pattern of growth over the years, and AIC was recently awarded a Standard and Poor’s ‘AA’ rating.

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Amos Tamam has come a long way since the 1980s when he had worked as a mechanic servicing taxis in New York City. Having arrived in New York from Israel where he had trained as an electrical engineer at Tel Aviv University, the mechanic’s job provided him with a fresh start in his new country. Today, Amos Tamam is still involved with the taxi industry, only this time his mission is to equip taxi cab fleets in New York and Philadelphia, and eventually, nationwide with the technology that will allow drivers to accept credit card payments from passengers.


As CEO of Verifone Transportation Systems, Inc., Amos Tamam is known as the driving force behind the move to install reliable and secure mobile credit card verification technologies into thousands of big city taxis. The technology is hailed as a boon to drivers and passengers alike, and it looks as though Amos Tamam is going to be involved with the taxi business for many years to come.


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Shasta Pools was founded in Phoenix in 1966 by its current owner Ed “Skip” Ast. The business has grown steadily over the years, and Shasta is now Arizona’s leading pool company with tens of thousands of completed projects throughout the state. Known for its innovative designs and stylish use of native materials, Shasta Pools has been the recipient of numerous design awards on a local and national level, and the company operates five design centers in the Phoenix area.


Shasta pools is all things that have to do with swimming pools; the company retails a wide selection of high quality swimming pool accessories such as diving boards and ladders, as well as pool cleaning and maintenance supplies. When it comes to swimming pools in Arizona, many people have relied on Shasta Pools for a  thoroughly delightful, residential swimming pool experience.  




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For over 13 years, Power Properties has acquired severely run down properties in the East Dallas area, and through extensive renovations, turned them into beautiful apartment units and condominiums. The Lakewood and Old East Dallas neighborhoods have been transformed over the years through the efforts of Power Properties, and the company now has over 600 stylishly renovated rental units in the area.


Power Properties is known for its attention to detail and an insistence on appealing architecture and quality features such as hardwood floors, marble or granite countertops, high ceilings, top quality appliances and much more. Staffed by over 50 employees, Power Properties provides excellent  property management and rental services in a neighborhood that has largely been rescued from blight and neglect by the commendable efforts of the Dallas-based firm.






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In his position as Editorial Director of National Media Group (NMG), Wangethi Mwangi promotes the practice of reporting the facts and only the facts, an unwavering policy that stems from the editor’s belief that personal prejudices, agendas or ideologies have no place in news reporting. NMG is Kenya’s largest news media organization, and it is the parent company of the Daily Nation, one of the most widely read newspapers in East Africa. Mr. Mwangi attained his current executive position at NMG after being promoted from his previous post as sub-editor of the Daily Nation, a job that gave him much hands on experience in reporting the daily events in his beloved Kenya.


Wangethi Mwangi brings a well-rounded background to his current editorial position; having a strong and enduring interest in media law and economics, the journalist applies his broad knowledge in both areas in a variety of journalistic endeavors. In short, Wangethi Mwangi is a journalist’s journalist.  


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Founded in 1978 by Larry and Lee Judson in Casper, Wyoming, K-Designers began its remodeling and general contracting business with the aid of four employees.  By 1980, the company had expanded to Billings, Montana and Denver, Colorado. As time went on, K-Designers grew steadily, and today, the firm employs over 900 people, enjoyed 2005 sales revenues of $63 million, and is now relocating to a new home office in Gold River, California.


K-Designers can now credit itself with over 30 years of experience in the residential remodeling business with over 100,000 satisfied customers. The company is the largest of its type in the Western United States, as well as being the nation’s number one siding contractor. Best of all, K-Designers offers a conditional, no money down policy on some of its remodeling services, and no payment is due until a client is 100% satisfied with the finished result—a rare but highly commendable business policy, indeed.





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