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This the very first post on a closed blog for Katherine Washburn Ceramics (KWC) as  TEST TO CHECK ON GOOGLE INDEXING TIME ONLY. At KWC, you will always find great gifts for dog lovers, fantastic gifts for cat lovers, and out of this world gifts for pet lovers no matter what kind of critter they adore. Yes, at last, there is a place in Stowe, VT where you can always find premium quality gifts for dog lovers, handmade gifts for cat lovers, and beautifully hand painted gifts for pet lovers from around the corner or around the world. Of course, your handmade gifts for dog lovers are affordable. How could they not be when you buy them from Katherine Washburn Ceramics? Great question, but what about “top notch” gifts for cat lovers? We certainly don’t want to leave the felines behind, so we have truly fabulous gifts for cat lovers! Yes, we used an exclamation mark when we mentioned gifts for cat lovers! There, you see? We just did it again because Google just loves our gifts for dog lovers and gifts for cat lovers and gifts for pet lovers, too. Why wouldn’t they love top quality and always handmade gifts for dog lovers? Why wouldn’t Google be thrilled about fantastic gifts for cat lovers? Why wouldn’t YOU love our gifts for pet lovers no matter where they reside? Anyway, this is our first post for www.washburnceramics.com, and IS STRICTLY INTENDED AS AN SEO TEST. THANK YOU!


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