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Whatever the occasion, from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Easter to just about every special date in between, America loves to commemorate the day with its favorite sweet treat—chocolate. Whether the kids are happily nibbling the ears off a chocolate bunny or dad’s skipping lunch in favor of a chocolate candy bar, no one can seem to get enough of the nearly intoxicating flavor and aroma of chocolate. Fannie May Fine Chocolates, a retailer of the heavenly confection since 1920, is now an online seller of a wide variety of gourmet quality chocolate products including:


  • Chocolate favorites in a variety of sampler assortments
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Truffles
  • Chocolate cakes
  • Chocolate towers
  • No sugar added products
  • Chocolate towers, novelties and more


Fannie May stays in tune with the seasons. The company provides specialty packaged and designed selections appropriate for various occasion such as Halloween, Easter, Yule Time offerings, etc., and they provide reliable shipping of their chocolate candies direct to your door. Any company that has been in business for close to nine decades must be doing something right, and Fannie May Fine Chocolates enjoys a loyal and chocolate loving customer base that should keep them in business for many decades more.




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